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Let us do the legwork for you!

Understanding litigation doesn’t always take place in the comfort of your own office, we provide reporters and videographers nationwide. We work with a variety of like-minded reporters and agency owners throughout the state and country to provide one-stop shopping with consistency of product, service, price and delivery. We handle all your transcript and video needs in-house, and all services will remain consistent.

Further understanding litigation doesn’t always follow an 8-to-5 regiment, our online repository allows for unlimited 24/7/365 access to transcripts and exhibits. Simply enter your user name and password, choose the proceeding you’re looking for and begin your download in an ASCII, E-TRAN/EXE, PTX or PDF format. On your way out the door and pressed for time, simply choose the option of printing your transcript in compressed/mini format. Need to grant access to a particular client, expert or colleague, simply click on the transcript the access is needed for, go to “Access,” and
add a new person. Online access is unlimited, secure, user-friendly
and available from any computer, iPad or mobile device.