Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I schedule a deposition, arbitration
and/or court proceeding with you?

Go to our home page, click on the “Scheduling” link and follow the
prompts; a confirmation receipt of scheduling will be provided via email.

What services are included when I hire
you to report for my lawyer or my firm?

As the noticing party, you will be provided the Original Transcript,
a COMPLIMENTARY Certified Copy of same,
Concordance/Word Index,Mini transcript,
Electronic transcript and exhibits as
well as unlimited 24/7 access to same
via our website.

I was sent the Original Transcript; where’s
my disk with the electronic transcript?

Receipt of the Original Transcript only does not include the
provision of a CD-Rom/disk with the electronic transcript/exhibits.
To receive same, you must PURCHASE a Green Transcript
or traditional hardcopy of the particular transcript.

What is a Green Transcript?

traditional hardcopy price. Contact us to request a Green Transcript Invoice
and upon payment of same, electronic access will be given via our website.
Unfortunately, Green Transcripts are not available to the noticing party.

I’ve lost my password and/or username,
how can I recover that?

Go to our home page and click on “Forgot your user name or password?”
email us and your password and/or username will be promptly emailed to you.

How do I print a compressed transcript?

Open the E-Transcript .exe or .ptx on the CD-Rom/disk and/or
downloaded Electronic version of the transcript,
go to “File,” “Print,” “Compressed Transcript.”

Can I pay for my transcript online?

You will need the username and password of the person who was
invoiced for the product. Go to our home page, click on “Client Login”
and log in using the appropriate username and password. Click
the “Invoice” tab, select the appropriate witness, click the “Pay”
taband enter the requested credit card information.

Can I purchase an electronic copy of a transcript only?

See our Green Transcript identified above.

Our firm will not submit payment on a COD basis.
Are there other options available to submit payment?

We do require payment in advance for all Certified Copy transcript
orders. If our standard COD shipment is not an option for you or your
firm, payment may be submitted directly to us via a draft/check from a
third-party client and/or carrier, via ACH payment or you may pay
online using our convenient online payment feature identified above.

In what formats can we have a videotaped
deposition synced to the transcript?

The following formats are available for synchronized videotaped depositions:
Trial Director, Livenote, Videonote, Sanction, Summation, Lexis/Nexis TextMap.

Can I request just a mini-transcript?

No. Certified Copy orders are available only in the traditional
hardcopy format and/or via our Green Transcript option identified above.

If I have online access to the transcript and exhibits
electronically, is there an additional charge each
time I log on to access those documents?

No, there is no additional charge each time you log on. Once your
product is paid for, you have unlimited access to that transcript and/or
exhibits as well as the ability to assign access to others at your discretion.

Do you offer realtime reporting services?

All our reporters are realtime certified. We offer realtime transcription
through ICVNet, and Caseview.

My lawyer doesn’t normally travel with a laptop
for realtime but does want realtime. Can you
provide him a laptop so he can do realtime?

As a courtesy to counsel, all our reporters are equipped with
iPads with the software necessary to provide
realtime services to counsel during a deposition, arbitration and/or
court proceeding.

Do you offer other transcription services?

We do offer various certified transcription services for
transcription of city council meetings, public hearings, medical
board hearings, webcasts, podcasts, audiotaped matters, etc.

If I download an electronic transcript, will it also
have a signed and dated reporter certification page?

When you download an electronic transcript from our web repository, the initial
page that opens is called the “Digital Certificate of Authenticity” which can be
printed and used in place of the reporter’s signed and dated certification
page normally found at the end of an Original and/or Certified Copy transcript.
This Digital Certificate of Authenticity is recognized by all courts as being
the electronic equivalent of a signed and dated reporter’s certification page.

What is your area of coverage for reporting?

Located in Irvine, California, we offer reporting services throughout the
entire State of California. We are proud to offer reporting services within the
remaining 49 continental United States via a network of like-minded
well-respected court reporting agencies with all transcript and video production
done in our California office for consistency of product integrity. Work requiring
international travel is never a problem and is handled on a case-by-case basis.