Video & Web
Technology Services

We offer a full suite of in-house videography services to meet all of your litigation needs. Whether it’s the need for illustrating a witness’s demeanor in a deposition, creating a day-in-the-life video, conducting a site inspection, we have the certified video personnel necessary to provide you quality video products at reasonable rates.

Our status as a Live Deposition Web Provider allows us to stream realtime video depositions across the globe with just a few clicks of a mouse. There are no downloads required to enable the realtime transcription, audio and video of a deposition or other webcast proceeding. The technology is touted as “hassle-free” and our clients agree.

We offer the following video services to our clients:

  • Certified CLVS Videographers
  • Video/Transcript Synchronization
  • Video Conference Facility
  • Web Depositions
  • Affinity provider
  • Proximity Provider
  • Live Deposition Web Provider